Open Letter from Dave Iacobelli, President and General Manager of Clorox Canada


To the Canadian Long-Term Care (LTC) community,

The year 2020 has proven to be incredibly difficult. Our seniors have faced challenges that many of us have likely never seen in our lifetimes and it has become clear that our community needs to do better by those living in Long-Term Care facilities. As an organization, we want to do better.

The pandemic has given us a lot of perspective and it has made clear how important things like strength, community and togetherness really are to our society. For us at Clorox, we recognize the important role our products play in the community and that is why at the beginning of the pandemic, we committed to a donation of $1M in disinfecting products to support long-term care facilities. We wanted frontline health workers and the residents in these homes to know we are with them; we stand by them. Now, as an organization, we want to go beyond our initial support, starting with our commitment to the LTC community on National Grandparents’ Day.

Starting on September 13th (i.e. National Grandparents Day), our team will be working alongside the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Long-Term Care to bring our innovative Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Systems to LTC facilities across the province, in an effort to support the continued safety of the LTC community.

With that said, seniors are also facing the challenge of isolation as a result of the pandemic, so we will be doing a few other things to ensure we bring the community together. First, we are donating one hundred (100) electronic tablets to LTC facilities for residents to use to keep connected with their friends and families. We will also be partnering with the “Caring and Connecting Pen Pal Initiative”, an organization started by two talented young women based out of Hamilton, to send ‘Letters of Kindness’ to seniors living in LTC facilities. In addition, we’re encouraging people in the community to use National Grandparent’s Day as a way to connect with seniors in their lives, by sharing their favorite stories using #SupportWithStrength, enjoying a FaceTime session or delivering groceries to a local neighbour.

As an organization, we have a responsibility to challenge ourselves by supporting the community, and call on others to do the same. When one group goes through a hard time, we all need to step up and support each other. We have an opportunity to support with strength, so this is our commitment.


With admiration,

Dave Iacobelli

President & General Manager, Clorox Canada